Let us briefly describe how AcronymMaker works with some vocabulary. If you want to skip this description, you may also directly enter your tokens.

A token is a set of words from which one word must appear in the acronym built by AcronymMaker. Said differently, there must be a letter in common between a word from the set and the built acronym. This letter may be either the first letter of a word in the token or any letter, depending on the letter selection strategy that is given to AcronymMaker.

Additionally, tokens may be optional. In this case, AcronymMaker will try to match a letter from the words in the optional token to a letter in the acronym, but the acronym will still be accepted if it fails to do so.

To find an acronym for a given sequence of tokens, AcronymMaker uses a dictionary, i.e., a set of known words, in which it looks for acronyms. A word in the dictionary is said to be explained (as an acronym) by the sequence of tokens if there is a letter in the word for at least one word in each (non-optional) token. In this case, we say that the letter is explained by the corresponding word.

Moreover, there are two ways to explain a word as an acronym: either by following the order of the tokens in the specified sequence, or without considering this order. AcronymMaker supports both of them (independently).

Finally, note that there may be unexplained letters in the acronym. Their number may be limited, by limiting both the number of consecutive unused letters and the number of overall unused letters in a word. If one of these limits is exceeded, then the word will not be considered as explained.

It is now time to create awesome acronyms!

1. Enter your Tokens

Please specify your tokens in the field below. The words of a token must be separated by a slash (/), and optional tokens must be marked by an ending question mark (?). Each token must be separated by a white space. For instance, write foo/bar? baz if you want to find acronyms explaining either foo baz, bar baz or baz.

There is no word limit, but keep in mind that specifying many words may slow down the search for acronyms (especially because acronyms are computed by your browser).

Note that we also provide a token builder if you prefer to be guided for this step.

2. Select your Settings

You may now customize how your acronyms will be created, based on the different variants described above. First, check the following toggles if you want to alter the default behavior of AcronymMaker.

Now, you may specify how many unexplained letters may appear in the found acronyms.

Finally, choose from which dictionary acronyms must be looked for.

3. Choose your Acronyms

You are now ready to search for acronyms! Press the button below to start.